New York Music Art!

Art has no limit, as the writer Thomas Merton said ‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time’. Art is peace and solace for mind and society, in fact, the Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist; Victor Pinchuk has quoted, ‘Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics’.

Music is one form of Art that is being enjoyed and embraced by a large population in the world. There is an amazing sense of relief when one listens to it. Every one of us has our own favorite genre of music which according to us, understands and suits us the most.

The limitless and no boundaries society of New York City with so much diversity in culture has led the emergence of many art forms and styles in this most famous city. Especially when we talk about Music, then many popular, world renowned and used music styles have been born in no other place but New York only!

Let’s discuss a few of them here:

Hip Hop:

One of the most popular styles used not just in Hollywood, but in many other music and film industries all across the globe. This style comprises of four elements rapping, Deejay, graffiti writing and b-boying. The music styles consist of chanting words in rhythm and they should rhyme as well.

The culture of hip hop was evoked by African Americans living in the south side New York, where they used to live in depressed society due to unemployment and poverty. And thus, Africans and Latinos, also Americans living in New York started with the trend of hip hop music in neighborhood parties.

Hip hop singers, disregard to the music styles are the leading singers in the whole world. Today’s most popular Hip Singers are Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Jay Z and the list will go on. As you note, these singers and also, most of the hip hop followers prefer keeping their nicknames as their identity rather than their real name.


One of the most enjoyed music style that has the main focus on dancing. The genre has ingredients of other music styles such as funk, soul and Latin music. The targeted people who have welcomed and still want this music style are the ones who go to clubs. Disco, alike the hip hop, has broken its chain and is being popular in many other regions. As a matter of fact, this 1970s music style has been very popular in Bollywood (Indian film Industry) as well.

Also, apart from Philadelphia, Disco shares the birth place in New York as well. The legendary Michael Jackson was himself the Disco singer and dancer. His famous Disco Songs are Beat It, Rock with you and many more. Apart from Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Barry White and Madonna are other popular singers who have gained fame in this genre.


Shocked? But yes, Salsa has been born in New York as well, and it would be completely wrong to say that Spain is the place. However, it should be noted that Salsa has Cuban music which is inspired by Spanish and African music with the additional spice of New York culture.

Famous Salsa musicians and Singers are Jennifer Lopez, Oscar Emilio León Somoza, Marco Antonio Muñiz and many more. Their well known salsa songs are Lloraras and No Me Ames etc.

These  are one of the few mentioned styles of music that were emerged by the people living in the New York City, freestyle, bebop, and punk rock etc are another forms of music belonging to this land.






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