NYC Graffiti Art

What started out in New York as illegal unwanted graffiti has now turned into one of New York’s best showcased art.  In the past years graffitti art has become a well accepted staple of what makes New York, New York.  With well known artists painting murals, contemporary bubble tags and conceptual pieces on buildings and walls throughout the cities of New York, graffiti is evolving and here to stay.  With many known murals and pieces sought upon to see by visitors, and the population of the cities in general there a few that stand out more than the others.  A couple that are exceptional to see are


  • The Audubon Mural Project- Created by the Audubon Society, they along with a Art Gallery in Hamilton Heights strive to  commission street art murals around Upper Manhattan.  These aren’t just any kind of murals though.  Instead these works of art depict birds that are being threatened by climate change.  They are artists with a purpose!
  • Bronx Wall Of Fame- Located in a South Bronx neighborhood this ws has unofficially been deemed the Wall of Fame.  Depicting many different pictures from a variety of artists, there are plans for the wall to be torn down to allow for the build of affordable housing developments.  Many wish to make this ‘Wall of Fame” a landmark so that it may be protected and preserved when building commences.
  • The Bushwick Collective- It started in 2012 when a life long Bushwick resident Joseph Ficalora dealing with great sadness sought out to find inspiration.  In doing so he assembled friends to begin covering the walls of these local blocks with murals.  Wth Eclectic collection of murals to be seen the Bushwick Collective is a destination sought by many roaming the streets of New York.

These are just a few of the magnificent pieces that make up the graffitti street art that

helps make New York what itis.  There are many more beautiful murals and suc to be seen through different parts of the city.   

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