Window Art

Art is often in the eye of the beholder and based on perception, and sometimes isn’t just plain evident to any bystander. Often times art has to labeled as such in order for anyone to see it or appreciate it. For many new York artists and architects window frames have become the canvases for their art masterpieces. Whether through the organization and assortment of window panes, or the color, tint and texture they incorporates, and sometimes just the windows themselves become a grand display of art.

Glass is a great medium to translate creativity and meaning. We see this is homes, public spaces, and corporate buildings throughout the city. It’s striking uniqueness from other construction materials makes it an attention grabber and a timeless statement to the world.

Being that glass is so popular in the city, many companies nationwide are asked to consult and contract on these large corporate and public projects, and sometimes given the responsibility of bringing their own creative vision to the project. That’s the case for Barry, who operates a window company in Plano Texas ( He’s asked on occasion to consult with architects who are erecting some of New York’s most iconic landmarks. His experience over the past two decades with creating custom windows has left him with a great understanding of what you can do with glass, and the possibilities that are available. Many times people see glass as a linear, only able to occupy window frames, but Barry sees beyond these limitations and helps others to do the same. Which is why Barry has been asked to consult on some of the biggest and most well known projects in the city. He understand how to tastefully and artistically incorporate glass into this city that we love.

Glass sets a mood and creates a feeling that is unique. It’s why may buildings and skyscrapers opt for glass to be incorporated into the design. Glass is very adaptable and can be used to create a variety of different feelings based on how it is incorporated into the project. It can create a feeling of sophistication, elegance, futurism, tranquility and more.


Glass is a part of the city, and part of the art. You can’t have glass without having art. In a way, windows almost become metaphorical windows into the homes and lives of each and every resident, and at the same time ¬†windows back into the world outside. Through these windows we offer glimpses into the individuals that make up the larger colony which we call the city. By peering into the these windows we can observe the subtle differences and similarities between us all. No two windows are the same. Similarly, no two perspectives from those windows back onto the city are the same.

Windows are the looking glass by which we observe the outside world, and it observes us. An opportunity for us to see ourselves in all that lies outside ourselves.

all is art.

Thanks to those who help to construct meaningful things throughout the city and throughout the world, by which we can meaningful reflect upon, and learn more about ourselves and the others.

Don’t see things for mundane fixtures placed thoughtlessly across the landscape of your life. See them for the feelings they invoke and subtitles they convey.

all is art.

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