Unique Pieces Of Art

Art can be found anywhere the eye can see.  It can be found as graffiti on buildings and walls, as exhibits in local parks, to even the wall of gum found in Seattle.  Art can also be created by different materials other than your standard paint, canvas, and clay. Some of the most extraordinary are actually made out of some really odd materials.   

For example artist Jason Mecier has created beautiful and unique pieces of art from materials such as yarn, makeup, pills, jelly beans and pencils to name a few.  Although some may not be a fan of his artwork it holds so much originality and intricate detail there are many who seek to own his work.  He has made such pieces as, a picture of the King Of Pop himself Michael Jackson out of different colors of pills, and Jerry Seinfeld from breakfast cereal! Another artist who steps out of the box of traditional art materials is Erika Iris Simmons who created a series of pieces “Ghost In The Machine” out of old broken cassette tapes! Her creations are flawless and beautiful, with so much detail!

A personal favorite of my friend, Darwin from Cure All Plumbing, is that of Duck Bong Kai’s work.  Maybe it’s because Darwin works with pipes all day or maybe it’s because this artist’s sculptures are truly amazing, whatever the case his sculptures are sites to be seen.  Crafted entirely out of PVC pipes his series of sculptures look as if they are “Constantly in Motion”.  Duck Bong Kai has said that the idea behind his work is “to capture this absurd desire we have for speed”.  He further states that in the end of it all we are constantly trying to race each other in this thing called life and that all it does is create insecurity in people.

His sculptures are meant to connect with the viewer on a deeper level and challenge the viewer to pause in motion and really view the sculpture.

Another talented artist is Helle Jorgensen, not only is her work unique and made out of crazy material, it also speaks volumes and has a higher purpose.  Jorgensen takes plastic shopping bags, one of the ocean’s greatest dangers to sea life and makes yarn out of them.  She then crochets sea creatures and incredible colorful coral reefs out of the yarn.  Her message is that if we continue in our wasteful and careless ways we will lose the precious sea life we have! What a powerful piece of artwork!

There are so many different types of art to be viewed and enjoyed.  Art is a creative expression of one’s self and deeper thoughts.  While artist’s often create for themselves by using imagination and vision they also are creating to engage others who see the same views.  The great thing about art is that it is decided what is seen by the eye of the beholder. It speaks to all of us individually.  What i do know is that I love all different kinds of artwork and the imagination and creativity that is brought to life by different artists!

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